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Joey Software Solutions is headquartered in sunny South Florida and can be reached at

Joey Software is open to all project sizes - from simple HTML web site deployments to enterprise wide projects. Joey Software will accept projects for either a fixed price cost or for time-and-materials cost; depending on the nature and the size of the project.

Fixed Price Projects

A fixed price contract is ideal when the client requires work that can be provided with very quick turnaround; examples include websites built from pre-existing templates, where much of the work may have already been completed prior to the contract. Likewise, a client may prefer a fixed price contract because it is easier to set a budget for such projects.

Time-and-Materials Projects

When the contract is paid by the hour with expenses, the client has the freedom to change the specifications of the project, or to add new components, as it is understood that such changes will incur more time on the project, and hence a higher invoice.

Choosing Fixed Price or Time-and-Materials

There is no inherent advantage of one type of billing over the other. Open discussions between the client and Joey Software can allow both types of billing to go forward amicably. Clients should decide whether they prefer certainty, or the prospect of a lower bill when the work can be completed efficiently, then choose the model that suits them best.

Small Businesses and Free Estimates

We welcome all small business owners. We understand the challenges that a small business can face when it comes to creating a custom software solution or a business website. Therefore, we provide guidance and free estimates on any web and/or backoffice project your business needs. We have experience in Order Management, Inventory, Purchasing, Accounting and more. We can also help you enhance your existent website or resolve issues with your current custom software.

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